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Why is my music already on

You may have found that already features a page for your artist name and music. This is due to our user-generated content and software.

The app collects the artist, track, and album name of every song our users listen to on their computers or mobile devices (i.e. the ID3 metadata from their mp3s), and automatically creates web pages to display their listening data and statistics (e.g. top tracks and top album charts).  We call this Scrobbling

This data helps to organise and recommend music to people, create personalised radio stations, and generate weekly charts and reports based on actual playcounts and listening data.

However, no audio or sound recordings are uploaded to  In most cases, finding that we have an artist page for your music does not mean that we have any audio files of your music stored on our servers for streaming or downloading. We simply have statistics that X many people listened to your music, and nothing else. 

Instead, music listed on can be played through embedded Youtube videos and the Spotify music service, where available and where the rights holder has licensed their music for streaming on those services.  For more information on how this works, please see: How do I listen to music on and Why do some tracks have listeners, but I can't play them on

We would love to get you involved, and you can register a account here.

For more information on artist pages and how to edit the content on them, please refer to the following help articles:

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If you'd like general information about, please start here


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