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Why can't I upload pictures, edit wikis, add events, or suggest videos?

Much like Wikipedia, pages are collaboratively edited, which means that any registered user can contribute content to artist, album, and track pages -- such as uploading images, adding events, suggesting videos from YouTube, and updating the artist biography. 

However, to prevent spam and vandalism, brand new users are not allowed to edit content on the site right away.  Instead, you may see an error message similar to one of these:
Image illustrating the possible errors you might encounter when trying to upload an image without meeting the requirements described in the the article.  Each one says "Sorry you can't upload images / add events / edit this wiki / suggest videos yet.  Keep listening to more music!"
As these messages suggest, you need to listen to a certain amount of music on the website before you can edit content on the site (for help with this, please see: How do I listen to music on  As you listen to music on the website, the tracks you've listened to will appear in your library.   Once you've listened to the required number of tracks, your account will be automatically granted permission to edit wikis and add content to pages. 

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