Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for signing up?

Registering a account is free and gets you lots of cool stuff, including...

  • ・ Personal music profile and charts
  • ・ Listening reports and stats
  • ・ Music and event recommendations
  • ・ Friends and neighbours
  • ・ scrobbling app
When signing up with, you’ll get your own online music profile that you can fill up with the music you like. This information is used to create a personal radio station, your music charts and stats, and to find users who are similar to you. can even play you new artists and songs you might like.  

As soon as you start listening to your music with the app everything you listen to will get added to your profile.  You’ll see what you’ve been listening to so far and get your own artists, tracks and album charts. This is what we call “scrobbling” – read more about it here.

Based on this music you’ve already listened to, will recommend you new music to try, upcoming events from your favourite artists, and other members with a similar music taste to yours – these are your musical neighbours.  Even if your taste in music is ridiculously eclectic, or just downright ridiculous, you should find matches to people with a similar taste on

Share your music taste and current obsessions

On you get a page which lists all the bands and songs you've scrobbled, so next time somebody asks you about your favourite music you can send them straight to your profile. 

Example of profile page

Your profile page on is automatically updated whenever you listen to music. It lets others see what you're listening to right now, and shows charts of your listening history.  When someone asks “What music are you into?” your profile has all the answers: your all time top 10, your favourite new release, that track you’ve had on repeat all week. It’s everything you really listen to.

You can upload a picture and add as much or as little information to your profile as you like.  You can even set a 'Current obsession' to tell the world what your favourite track is right now.  Your profile page also lists your friends, followers, and 'musical neighbours' - people that the system automatically detects have a similar music taste to you.

Every music profile is public, so you can have a look at what your friends are listening to and find other fans who share your taste in music.

Explore your listening history with detailed charts and stats

Because you’ve got a record of everything you listen to, you can discover things you never knew about your listening habits. For example, when you first listened to your favourite band, or what time of day you listen most. helps you uncover the secrets of your listening history.

Example of a user library

You also get weekly and annual listening reports filled with stats and insights about your listening habits and trends, leaderboards, streaks, and more. 

Example of a weekly report

Make every play count

After installing the app or connecting your account to your favourite music service (e.g. Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc), the name of every song you listen to on your computer or mobile device will be sent to and added to your profile. Just listen to your music on your computer or mobile device and the app will "scrobble" your music. This means that every song you listen to with will become part of your music profile.

Example of user scrobbling

The list at the top of your profile page shows the last songs you listened to. The top song is highlighted in yellow if you are currently listening to music.

Scrobbling is the key to the world of Once you've started scrobbling, you can:
  • ・ Create personal music charts automatically
  • ・ Find your musical soulmates
  • ・ Discover and explore new music
  • ・ Generate your own personal radio station
  • ・ See what your friends are listening to
Remember: If it doesn't scrobble, it doesn't count!

Discover new music with a little help from the fans

With over 100 billion tracks scrobbled, uncovering the great, the good, and even the obscure has never been easier.

Map showing users scrobbling around the world

Your personalised music page lets you see what people are listening to right now, and gives you access to the latest personalised music recommendations - artists, albums, new releases, and music you might have forgotten about. Tap into the like-minded and stay up-to-the-minute on the music you love. 

Example of a personalised music page
Another example of a music page

Ready to join the social music revolution and get scrobbling?

Let’s do it.

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