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How do I add a YouTube video to a track page?

Any registered member of the community can add a music video from YouTube to a track page.  To do so, open any track page and look for the "Add a video" prompt illustrated below:

Image of the 'add a video' prompt.  The dialogue box reads:  "Do you know a YouTube video for this track? Add a video"

Note that if a video already exists for a track, you can replace it by clicking on the "Replace video" link underneath the video.

Example of a track page that already has a video.  The replace video link is highlighted in a red outline, near the bottom right hand corner of the video.

If you don't know the URL, you can click on the "Search YouTube" link to open YouTube and search for the track listed.  Once you have found the video you want to add, simply copy the URL from the address bar of your browser, paste it into the text box provided on, and click the "Add video" button.

If successful, you should see the thumbnail of your chosen video replace the previous one.

I tried to add an official video, but it says "This video cannot be played on Please try a different video." 

Not every track will be available to play on due to embedding restrictions set by the rights holders.  For example, videos licensed to YouTube by SME / Sony usually can not be played on (a list of record labels owned by SME can be found here).  

Once you have added your desired video, we recommend that you click on the large play icon to test that the video works.  If no video plays or it says "Track unavailable" then that usually means that the track cannot be played on, and you will need to pick an alternative.

Additionally, you can check the licensing information for a music video by opening it in Youtube, clicking "Show more" under the description, where it should say "Licensed to YouTube by" and the name of the record label(s).  For example:


I get the error "You cannot suggest videos at the moment! Keep listening to more music!" what does this mean?

Brand new sign-ups and blank/unused accounts are not permitted to add videos until they start actively using the site -- this is to prevent spam and vandalism. 

If you don't see the Add / replace video link, or you see the message "You cannot suggest videos at the moment. Keep listening to more music!" you might not have met the requirements to be granted these privileges yet.

What if I can't find the official music video? Are other kinds of videos permitted (e.g. live versions)?

Generally speaking, if there's no official video or it's not playable on the site, alternatives are fine so long as they don't violate our community guidelines, and the audio is still of the artist performing the track.  However, when suggesting a video you might want to consider the following:

Audio quality is more important than video quality.

For singles, the official music video is generally preferred.  Typically this will be from the artist's official YouTube channel or VEVO page.  However, if the audio quality is poor (tends to be true with videos uploaded more than 5 years ago), or it contains a large amount of distracting audio (sound effects, lengthy dialogue, etc), it's ok to suggest an alternative.

For everything else, studio recordings are preferred in most cases -- you can find many high quality studio recordings on YouTube Music or by searching YouTube for the track name plus the keyword 'topic'.  Additionally, feel free to add the studio version if the audio is of higher quality than the official music video, or the music video contains distracting audio (sound effects, dialogue, etc). 

Live versions are fine so long as the audio is reasonably high quality (professional recordings are preferred).  Fancams / videos recorded from within the audience with a smartphone, are typically too low quality and are generally discouraged even if there's no better alternative. 

Lyric videos are ok if there are no better alternatives, provided that the audio quality is reasonable.

Instrumentals / karaoke versions, covers, and remixes should not be used as a replacement.  Please associate these alternative versions with their respective artist and track pages. e.g. track name (remix), track name (instrumental version), etc.

Videos which play full albums or multiple tracks should not be added to track pages.

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