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How do I update an artist biography? What are the wiki guidelines?

Much like Wikipedia, pages on are collaboratively edited and maintained by members of the community with supervision from our moderation team. 

Any registered member of the community can edit Artist, Album, and Track wikis.  To do so, open any artist biography and click on the red "Edit this wiki" button. 

An example of an artist wiki page, with the 'Edit this wiki' button highlighted.

Editing privileges are granted to all active users so long as you agree to follow our community guidelines and the wiki guidelines listed below, and have verified your email address.  Brand new sign-ups and blank/unused accounts are not permitted to edit wikis until they start actively using the site -- this is to prevent spam and vandalism. 

If you don't see the edit button, or you see the message "Sorry, you can't edit this wiki at the moment." you might not have met the requirements to be granted wiki editing privileges yet. wiki guidelines

As a rule of thumb, all artist biographies should read like factual articles on Wikipedia, and not a press release.  This is to help ensure a consistent written tone across the website and to minimise the chances of copyrighted works from being submitted (such as an official biography). Wikis that ignore this fundamental guideline will be deleted or reverted back to a previous version.

Style Rules:

The description should be written in the third person, factual and unbiased. It should read like a Wikipedia article, not a press release -- no personal opinions.

Please write only in English on the English language version of the site. You can submit descriptions in other languages on our International sites (accessed in the site footer).

The wiki page is for descriptions, and not for placing links to other sites. will automatically link to an artist's official website and social media pages in the Factbox and External Links section of the page.

Shared artist pages have additional guidelines (i.e. don't delete the other artists).

Additionally, it is considered poor form to delete an entire wiki and replace it with your own -- please consult with a moderator before doing this.

Artists and labels are not exempt from these rules.  

Copyright and attribution:
Submitted content must not violate copyright. It's illegal to plagiarise someone else's biography of this artist.

By submitting an edit, you agree to release your contribution under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply.

Re-users will be required to credit you, at minimum, through a hyperlink or URL to the article you are contributing to, and you hereby agree that such credit is sufficient in any medium.

You can copy from Wikipedia, or any other Creative Commons licensed source, provided that you enter the URL to the source in the sources box above.

All submitted content remains copyright of the author.

Abuse of the wiki system may result in your account being suspended or the wiki locked by the moderation team. reserves the right to edit or delete wiki entries and will determine in its sole discretion whether the content of a wiki entry is in breach of these guidelines.

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