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How do I add new events?

Any registered member of the community can add a new event to an artist page.  To do so, open any artist's event listing and click on the red "+ Add new event" button. 

An example of an artist's events page, with the "Add new event" button on the upper right hand side of the page.

Please note: Brand new sign-ups and blank / unused accounts are not allowed to create or edit events until they start actively using the site -- this is to prevent spam and vandalism.  If you don't see the "Add new event" button, or you see the message "You can't create events yet. Keep listening to music!" you might not have met the requirements to be granted event creation privileges yet.

Creating a new event

When creating a new event, you'll be asked to fill out some details about it, including the name of the event, whether it's a gig or festival, and the date and time of the event.  Next, you'll be asked to enter the name of the venue, city, and country that the event is being held at -- please enter these details as accurately as possible to prevent duplicate events being created. will then show you a list of possible matching venues to choose from -- if the venue you're looking for doesn't exist, you'll be given the option to create a new one.

Once you've selected a venue, you can then start adding artists to the line-up.  Typically you'll want to start by adding the headlining artist first, followed by the supporting artist(s).  Where possible, please make sure that the artist names are spelled correctly and that recognises them -- this is indicated with a green tick / check mark next to the artist name. 

An example event line-up, including a headline act, supporting act, and a misspelled artist.
If doesn't recognise the artist, you will see a question mark instead -- it's ok to add new / unknown artists, but we recommend that you double-check the spelling first by searching for the artist on  If you need to remove an artist from the line-up, simply click on the X mark next to the artist name.

With the line-up complete, the final step is to add a description for the event, upload a poster image if one is available, and add a link to the event or venue's official web page or where members can purchase tickets. 

What happens if I make a mistake, the venue or date changes, or the event is cancelled?

You can edit the details of the event at any time by clicking on the 'Edit' link located under the event's description.  If the event has been cancelled please click the check box that reads "Has this event been cancelled?"

What happens if I make or find a duplicate event?

Unfortunately duplicate events cannot be merged.  If there is more than one event listing for the same event, please check to see which event has the most attendees / interested users, and then edit it to ensure that it has the most up-to-date and complete information. 

For the event with fewer attendees (i.e. the duplicate), please change the event title to "Duplicate event" and then edit the description to read "This event is a duplicate of... " with a link to the other event page, so that users attending this event can find it.  If you're not sure which event to edit, feel free to ask on our support forums.


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