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I’m having trouble with my subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription prior to the next billing date, which will stop the monthly recurring charges from that date onwards.

To do so:

- Log into your PayPal account and go to Settings.
- Select 'Payments'.
- Under 'Pre-approved payments' click 'Manage pre-approved payments'.
- Use the filter to find your subscription and click 'Cancel'.
- Click 'Cancel Profile' to confirm the cancellation.

For more information on cancelling subscriptions and recurring payments please see the following PayPal FAQ: How do I cancel a subscription?

You can also visit PayPal's Help Centre for further assistance:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel one-off payments.

PayPal cancelled or suspended my subscription?

When you change or remove the credit card information related to your current subscription, PayPal will automatically cancel or suspend your subscription rather than use the updated information. It will also automatically cancel or suspend your subscription when your credit card on file expires, or when there are other payment problems. This is a feature of PayPal which we have no control over.

Don't worry if this happens -- when PayPal cancels your subscription, you will still be marked as a subscriber on until the expiration date of your current subscription. This page in your settings shows you how many days subscription you have left:

If you wish to set up a new recurring subscription, please wait until your subscription has expired; after this you can start a new recurring subscription here:

Email Support

If this still isn't working for you, send us an email and we'll do our best to help. If possible, please include the following details:
·  Your First and Last name
·  Your Username
·  Your current email address
·  The email address associated with your PayPal account (if different)
·  The PayPal Transaction ID and / or date of the last payment made

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