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How do I listen to music on

We use Spotify and YouTube as the playback source for all music on the site, so anywhere you see this play button User-added image it means you can hear full-length version of that track or album.  You can change your preferred playback source in your website settings

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Playback is controlled by the Playbar at the top of the site -- and don't worry you can continue to browse the website without interrupting your session.

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Tag stations and Similar Artist radio

You can also listen to stations such as similar artists, tags, your library, or recommendations -- an endless variety of music streams, whatever you’re interested in.

There are, for example, artist stations such as “Radiohead and similar artists” or global tag stations such as “Rock tag” which will play you music related to whatever artist or tag (e.g. a genre) you choose.  You can simply tune into a station by clicking the play buttons on any artist or tag page. 

Example of a similar artist radio link
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If you don't know where to start, we recommend that you head over to our Music page to start browsing the latest tags, new releases, and artists on  As you continue to use the website, this page will become more personalised, with recommendations for artists, albums, tracks and tags we think you'll like.

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Personalised Radio Stations

If you have your own user profile, you have your Library which is basically all the music you’ve listened to, and you can listen to all this music with your personal Library station.  You also get a Recommendations radio station, which includes artists we think you'll like, and Mix radio which is a mixture of your Recommendations, Library, and Loved tracks.
Example of personalised radio stations for a user

You can also play any other member's personal stations, so if you find someone with an interesting taste in music by all means give their library radio a try.  Or why not check out your music neighbourhood to find people with a similar taste in music to you?

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