Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I submit a whitepaper/content to TechRepublic?
2 Why can’t I find the TechRepublic app for download on my iPhone/iPad, Android or Amazon Fire devices?
3 I already have the app on my device. Can I still use it now that support has ended?
4 How can I learn more about the California Consumer Privacy Act?
5 How can I learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation for European Union residents?
6 I have a question or issue regarding TechRepublic Premium. Where can I get help?
7 How do I cancel my registered member account?
8 Why am I receiving an email from TechRepublic about completing my profile?
9 Besides a simple Smiley what emoticons can I use on TechRepublics Forums?
10 How can I receive a notice that there is activity on a forum discussion?