Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I get verified to stream a live game if I don't have CBS All Access?
2 Do I need to verify with both CBS All Access and a TV Provider?
3 Where can I find a list of participating TV providers to stream live games?
4 Is there a cost to get verified to stream live games?
5 Why must I verify my account?
6 What devices are supported for streaming live games with my CBS All Access or TV provider account?
7 How do I stream a live game that asks for TV provider or CBS All Access sign in?
8 What if I forgot my username and/or password for CBS All Access? How can I stream the live game?
9 Does CBS Sports access my participating TV provider/CBS All Access account information?
10 Why am I seeing this message: "Sorry, this video is not available to view based on your TV subscription"?