Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the process when someone wants their game, film or show reviewed on the website?
2 How do I edit or remove a rating/review after I've already posted it on the site?
3 How can I remove my Metacritic account information from your site? I live in the U.S.
4 How do I change my Metacritic password?
5 How can I change the email address associated with my Metacritic account?
6 How do I change my Metacritic username?
7 How can I manage my Metacritic newsletters?
8 Entertainment Weekly gave my favorite movie a B+. Why does Metacritic list their grade as an 83?
9 Last week, my favorite movie had a Metascore of 67, but now it says 75. What happened?
10 Why do your all-time high scores list not include my all-time favorite movie that was on the AFI 100 Greatest Films List?