Why can't I sign into CNET with my Google+ or Yahoo account anymore?

We apologize for the inconvenience. In order to streamline the CNET sign in and registration process, we removed the ability to register or sign in our site through the use of Google+ and Yahoo. However, if you already have an existing account with us in which you used your Google+ or Yahoo account to register with us, you will still be able to sign into CNET using the email address associated those accounts. All you have to do is create a new password for your CNET account. Please follow these steps below to create a new password for CNET.

Step 1: Click the "Join/Sign in" button on the top right hand corner of any CNET page.
Step 2: When presented with the Join or sign in page, click "Use Email" button.

Step 3: Enter your email address associated with you Google+ or Yahoo account.
Step 4:
On the Welcome back page, click the "Forgot password" link directly below the "Sign in" button
Step 5: An email from CNET Notifications, with the subject line: "CNET Password Assistance" should be sent to you allowing you to reset your password.
Step 6: Go to your email inbox and open the email and click on "Reset password" link to reset your password.
Step 7: When you are on the CNET reset password page, enter your new password in the form (please make sure your password meets the password requirements) and submit it.

Congratulations your CNET password has been created. To sign in to CNET, simply use your Google+ or Yahoo email address and use the password that you had just created, that's it.