If you’re having audio issues when streaming CBS All Access (i.e. video only with no sound, audio doesn’t match video, choppy sound etc.) use these troubleshooting tips for easy solutions. Just select a topic to get started.


Check the app version 
It’s important to make sure you’re running the latest version of the CBS All Access app as a first line of defense against streaming issues. For instructions on how to check and update the app, click here.

Force quit the app
Force closing the CBS All Access app to totally stop it from running in the background refreshes the app and is a good way to fix this type of issue. To learn more, click here.

Restart your device
If you force quit the app, and that didn’t resolve the issue, you can restart your device by turning it off and then on again to clear any possible issues. For restart instruction, click here.

Ensure browsers are supported
Check to make sure you’re streaming on supported browsers. Click here.
Clear your browser’s cache, cookies and browser history. Click here.

Check minimum system requirements
Make sure you’re using the minimum system requirements for streaming video here.