Why am I receiving an email from TechRepublic about completing my profile?

On Thursday the 15th of March, TechRepublic sent out an email to users with incomplete profiles - the email was as follows: 
Thank you for being a TechRepublic Newsletter subscriber. We’ve recently updated our member portal which gives you access to author alerts, recommended newsletters, article discussions and more.

To access these benefits please update your member profile by following the steps below:

1. Click here and input your email address

2. You will receive a confirmation email from TechRepublic

3. Follow the provided link to complete your profile

Once completed, you’ll be able to personalize your TechRepublic experience here.  If you have any questions please visit the TechRepublic Help Page here.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the above steps please contact Customer Service by using the "Submit a Question" link above.

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