I can't sign into CNET

Turn on cookies & JavaScript
To avoid having to sign in each time you visit us, you must set your browser to accept cookies. Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. Your browser must also be JavaScript-enabled in order to interact properly with our registration and sign in pages.

If your browser is set to accept cookies but you are still having trouble signing in, it's possible that your Web browser is incompatible with the CNET.com sign in cookie. We do go to great lengths to test CNET.com across a number of modern browser types; however, we are not able to test every possible browser configuration.

We suggest trying the following:

  • Make sure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • Try signing in again using a different Web browser; we recommend the latest version of IE, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
  • Make sure you shut off any pop-up killers or ad blockers.
  • Check the system clock on your computer to ensure that the date is correct. Cookies are very date-sensitive and if the wrong date is set, your cookies might be expiring prematurely.

Registration information
If you’ve already registered for CNET, click on the "Already registered? Click here" link found on the page. There you can enter your email and the password you previously registered with. The password and username are case-sensitive, so please make sure you type them correctly.

Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, please click the "Forgot password" link on the sign in page.

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