How do I use the "Listings" feature on TV Guide to show programs in my area?

Log in to your TV Guide account, then follow these steps to set local listings:

  • Click on "Live TV" from the top right menu panel on the home page, and select TV Listings, or just visit 
  • Locate the "Provider" link and enter your zip code. 
  • Once you enter your zip code you will be able to select from Cable, Satellite or Antenna options. 
  • Select your provider and then click on “Apply”.
  • A pop will then appear asking if you want to save your provider settings to your profile, you can select Skip or Save Now
  • Choose either Cable, Satellite or Antenna.
  • The grid will now reload with your local channel lineup.


You've now set local listings!

Tip: Make sure you've registered on and that you're signed in when you set local listings, so that your settings are saved whenever you visit the site.

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