How do I set or save my favorite channels on TV Guide?

To set or save your favorite channels, use with the relevant steps below:

Set your favorite channels

  1. Go to the TV Listings page at
  2. After you have set your provider, scroll down the page. In the left column where the channels are listed, click the "heart" icon next to each channel you want to set as a favorite.
  3. To see your list of favorite channels, scroll up to the page header, then click the "All Channels" tab above the listings grid and select Favorites from the drop down.

Save your favorite channels

There are two ways to ensure your favorite channels are saved, so they're stored whenever you visit TV Guide:

  1. Registered users: Make sure you are signed in to your TV Guide account while setting your favorite channels 
  2. Non-registered users: Ensure you have cookies enabled in your browser (and check this before setting favorite channels). Note: If you're running any kind of privacy software on your computer, this may cause your browser cookies to be cleared, which means your favorite channels may not get saved.

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