How can I change my review score or edit my user review?

Just follow these steps:

How to Change a User Review Score/Rating
While logged in, simply adjust the score using the "score slider" at the top of the product page.

How to Edit Your User Review Text
This process will be simplified soon, but for now, simply go to your existing review, and while logged in, copy and paste your review into the "submit review" box.  Make your changes to the text and to the score (if necessary), then simply hit "submit." This edited review will replace your previous review. Furthermore, while you can view the list of your reviews by clicking on your username, you cannot view a compiled list of ratings. This will change.  Please hang in there with us. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to know how you rated a given product, simply visit that product's page on the site while logged in and your score will appear on the slider.

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