Can I stream full episodes from the Star Trek franchise?

Yes! You can binge-watch the entire Start Trek franchise on demand with CBS All Access! 

If you're a CBS All Access subscriber, just log in to and start streaming.

If you're a non-subscriber, you can try CBS All Access for FREE (new subscribers only), PLUS:

  • Watch the latest Star Trek shows, such as Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Discovery 
  • Stream TV classics like the Star Trek series, commercial-free (i.e. Next Generation, The Original Series, Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space Nine)
  • Browse the CBS library with over 20,000 episodes from more than 150 shows, including The Big Bang Theory, Seal and Young Sheldon 
  • Stream several channels of live TV — your local CBS station, CBSN (national and world news), CBS Sports HQ live and ET Live (entertainment news), wherever you go!  

To get started, visit, then click "Try It FREE".   





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