CNET Videos - Troubleshooting Tips

Unfortunately, online video is still a messy technology, and it's hard for us to determine exactly what might be preventing your video from playing (other than all the aforementioned technical issues). But here are some tips that might sort things out.

In order to view CNET videos, you must not have any ad-blocking software or add-ons running. This includes AdBlock, Adblock Plus, AdSweep, uBlock Origin, Ad Muncher, GreaseMonkey scripts and anything else that is designed to block video and site advertisements. If you do not wish to disable your ad-blockers, you maybe able to whitelist our site in the settings or check with the publishers to see if they have a site exception list in their software settings.
Playback quality can be influenced by a number of factors, including the speed of your Internet connection, other installed or running programs, and various network factors such as congestion. We also recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,  Google Chrome, or Safari.
We don't actively test or support either platform, however there is no reason why CNET videos should not work on these Operating Systems.
CNET would like to support as many platforms as possible. As such we are constantly exploring new technologies and will evolve to them once we are ready to use them.

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