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CBS Interactive Privacy Policy FAQ

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We have updated our Privacy Policy to provide visitors of CBS Interactive Web Sites with a single, uniform policy consistent with our core Privacy Principles. Below, please find answers to some questions about our new Privacy Policy. To review the Privacy Policy, click here.

Why are you updating your Privacy Policy?

As CBS Interactive expands and the laws protecting individual privacy evolve, we update our privacy policy accordingly to ensure that we our adhering to all applicable laws and best practice principles in all jurisdictions.

Have you made any substantively material changes to the Privacy Policy?

No, we have not made any substantively material changes to the manner in which we handle your information. But we have simplified our privacy policy, making it uniform across CBS Interactive Web Sites, and made it easier to follow.

What is a key difference with the new Privacy Policy?

One of the key differences is that our new Privacy Policy is provided in a layered format, allowing you to read highlights of our practices upfront with links to additional information about our privacy practices.

What are the "core" privacy principles that CBS Interactive follows?

Trust is a cornerstone of our mission at CBS Interactive. We are committed to gaining and maintaining your trust by following five key principles: transparency, choice, access, security and accountability. For more information, click here.

Will you share my contact information with third parties?

Like other businesses, we share contact information (such as name and email address) with vendors who process credit card transactions, with co-branded business partners, and when we have consent from our users. For more information, click here.

Can you give me an example when you will share my information with third parties?

If you enter a sweepstakes that is jointly sponsored by a third party, we will share your contact information with that third party. Also, if you seek to download a free whitepaper or listen to a free webinar about, for example, wireless services, we will ask you to consent to have your contact information shared with third parties who may contact you about wireless services. This allows us to offer you valuable content for free.

Does CBS Interactive share contact information with other CBS Interactive Web Sites?

As we continue to integrate CNET Networks into CBS, we will share information within our family of Web Sites so we can better inform our users about products and services in which they may be interested. It is up to you as to whether you want to hear about special offers from us. You can choose not to receive marketing emails from us when you register with us, in any such email we send, or by contacting us.

Do you use my data for advertising on CBS Interactive Web Sites?

Like other web sites, we are able to offer free content and services through the revenue we receive from advertising on our Web Sites. We hope you value the advertising you see on our Web Sites, and we may use some data about you to tailor advertisements to your apparent interests. For example, if you visit a CNET site and view articles about computers, we may serve you with a computer-related advertisement when you visit another CBS Interactive Web Site. This advertising does not result in you seeing more ads; rather, it just means the ads you would otherwise see are more relevant. To learn more, click here.

Does CBS Interactive allow third parties to collect and use data about me for online advertising?

Our advertisers may have relationships with third parties who deliver their advertisements on our Web Sites. As part of delivering these ads, the third parties may collect and use information about your activities on our Web Sites (such as the content you have viewed). These companies may offer you a way to choose not to have your information used for advertising purposes. To learn more, click here.

What are the benefits of the new Privacy Policy to me?

We hope you will find our Privacy Policy easier to read and understand across all CBS Interactive Web Sites. We are committed to gaining and maintaining your trust. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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