Why was my comment removed from the CNET Community?

Thank you for being part of the CNET community and sharing your thoughts on our site. In order to maintain a clean and friendly environment for participants, all users must abide by the CNET Community Guidelines. Our moderators are here to uphold those guidelines and will take the necessary action to regulate the site accordingly. If your comment was removed, it was due to one of the following reasons:

1. Commentary was off-topic
2. Comments were either offensive, inappropriate or hostile in nature (i.e. personal attacks, name-calling etc.)
3. Excessive flagging and/or feeding trolls
4. Personal or private information was shared
5. Links and/or unauthorized ads were posted
6. Content referenced illicit activities

Please feel free to review our CNET Community guidelines in more depth by visiting https://www.cnet.com/community-guidelines. For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit https://www.cnet.com/community-faqs/.

We look forward to your continued participation on our site.

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