There are many factors that can affect whether your pre-paid card is accepted or rejected for payment. Before attempting to use a pre-paid card, please read the information below:

Recurring fees. Some credit card issuers will not allow use of their pre-paid cards for “recurring” fees (i.e monthly subscriptions). This depends on the company that issued your pre-paid card. If the card issuer identifies the subscription purchase as a “recurring” fee, then your card will likely be rejected. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Unregistered address. Most gift cards require you register your home address with the credit card company prior to use, or it will be rejected for payment. Most often, you can register your gift card online, or call the company directly using the phone number on the back of the card.

Transaction fees. Some pre-paid gift cards charge a $1 transaction fee each time you use the card. If so, this could reduce your available balance and potentially cause a payment decline. Prior to using your card, check the balance and confirm whether your card imposes additional use fees.

Repeat payment attempts. If your pre-paid card is declined more than once, stop all payment attempts immediately. Too many repeated attempts within a short timeframe will trigger a fraud alert in our billing system, causing your card to automatically decline. If your card is declined due to multiple attempts, please click here for instruction.