Why do your all-time high scores list not include my all-time favorite movie that was on the AFI 100 Greatest Films List?

Don't worry; I'm sure your favorite movie would have a very high METASCORE if it were included in our database. Currently, our database contains virtually all films released since the beginning of 1999. Why? Because that's when we started working on Metacritic. As time and resources permit, we supplement our database with historical releases, and we now have a good selection of "older" films from throughout the 1990s and even some from the 1980s.

Remember, however, that we are also limited by the fact that the further back in time we go, the less likely it will be that reviews will be available on the Internet. Thus, the all-time high (and low) scores lists will likely always skew toward more recent releases, and will be lacking some of the all-time classics of cinema. Unless, of course, you consider "Battlefield Earth" a classic.

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