If SheerID was unable to automatically confirm your student status, it means more information is needed to assist with validation. When prompted during the signup process, you'll have a chance to upload additional school documents using the guidelines below:

Upload one of these documents
  • Current school ID card with expiration date 
  • School transcript 
  • Other school-issued document that displays your first and last name, school name, and the current date of enrollment
Document must display all information shown below  
  • Your full name
  • School
  • Enrollment date (date must be current for verification)
Don't worry, you won’t be charged until your student status is verified and you have completed your free trial. 

Note: Current "print" or "view" dates cannot be used to validate current enrollment. For example, your transcript may have been printed yesterday, but if it shows your most recent enrollment in classes was from a previous term, you would not be verified for the student discount. Proof of enrollment in classes for upcoming school terms are also not accepted, therefore, acceptance letters would not confirm current enrollment.