Why am I getting a black screen instead of live TV on my Apple TV (4th gen) device?

If you’re having problems accessing live TV on your device, we’d like you to send feedback directly to our technicians to test your signal.

To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. On your Apple TV, open the CBS app and visit Settings > Live TV. You’ll see the logo for your local CBS network appear under the Live TV setting.

  2. Click the “Live TV issues? Send feedback” button, located below the logo.

  3. Next, follow the prompts to answer 3 feedback questions. A confirmation message will display once you’ve answered the last question.

  4. Navigate back to the Live TV menu to stream video. If the test was successful, you should be able to stream Live TV.  


If you’re still seeing a black screen, please let us know by clicking here to submit a request, so we can troubleshoot this further.


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