Who does Chowhound consider a restaurant insider?

If you or someone close to you (relative or close friend) has a financial stake in the business (owner or employee) you are likely considered an insider. Additionally, if you regularly get special treatment at a business because of who you are (i.e. the food, service, or prices you receive are noticeably different than regular customers), then this is also considered insider status. Insiders should disclose their connection to a business each time they post about it, or post with a username clearly identifying themselves as a representative of the business.

Normally we only allow one username per person, but you may have both a personal ID and a business ID if you represent a business. Please use your business account to talk about your business. If you comment about your direct competitors on your personal account, please remember to disclose your connections. If you’re connected to a business and you recommend or review it without disclosing your connection, those posts will be removed, and you and others connected to the business may no longer be permitted to post on Chowhound.

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