What happens to the balance on my gift card if it’s not enough to pay for another month of CBS All Access?

If you have a balance on your gift card that is not enough to pay for another month of your subscription, you can add your payment information now to enjoy uninterrupted service!

Just click here and select "Edit" next to "Your Payment Information". The balance on your gift card will be applied to your first month’s payment, which will then auto-renew every month for $5.99 (Limited Commercials) or $9.99 (Commercial Free).

If you choose not to add a payment method, your subscription will be cancelled and the remainder of your gift card balance will be “banked” in your CBS account. Your banked balance will never expire, so once you add a payment method and resume your subscription, it will be applied towards your first month’s payment.

Please be aware that per our gift card Terms & Conditions, we cannot issue any refunds for balances on gift cards.  

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