What are the guidelines for posting recipes on Chowhound?

Please don't repost recipes that are under copyright protection. If you want to post recipes you've developed, or family recipes passed down from generation to generation, that's great. If you’ve previously published it on your blog, it is okay to link to it, but please include enough information in your Chowhound post so that people understand what makes your recipe interesting or appropriate.

If you're suggesting a recipe from a published source (a cookbook, newspaper, magazine, other website, etc.), the best option is to link to it, if it's available on the web. Try searching for the name of your recipe or a distinctive line from the instructions to see if there's an official source you can link to.

If there isn't an official source you can link to, it's still not okay to repost a recipe verbatim. You can post the ingredients list, but please put the instructions in your own words rather than copying them and note that you've done that in your post.

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