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Update your CNET Membership e-mail address.

You can change your email address at anytime through your CNET profile page here: https://www.cnet.com/profiles/ . You must sign into CNET in order to view your account information. (If you are signed in already, please note that the system may ask you to log in an additional time to verify your credentials.)

To change your email address:
 1) When you are on your CNET profile page, click on the "My Account Information" tab in your CNET profile.
 2) Look for the section that reads: "Log In Info." You should now see your E-mail address in that section.
 3) To update your email address click on the "EDIT" link next to your email address.
 4) Enter your new email address in the field and click the "Save" button. Congrats, your email address has now been changed.
 5) You will receive an email confirmation requesting you to confirm your new email address

If you are having problems updating your email address, please contact customer support by clicking on the "Submit a question" link above. Please provide the email address that you are currently using with CNET and the new email address that you would like to change it to.


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