Should I clear out my web browsers cache to improve my streaming quality?

Yes, it is always a good practice to regularly clear your browser's cache, especially if you are a heavy Internet user. Clearing out your browser's cache can help with re-buffering and choppy audio and will release any errors held in your browser’s cache memory.

To clear the cache on MS Internet Explorer Version 9:
Pull down the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options"
Make sure you are in the "General" tab
Under Browsing history, "Delete temporary files, history . . ."
Click the "Delete" button
Checkmark the "Temporary Internet Files" tab
Click on the "Delete files" button on the right
Click "Yes" to the "Are you sure you want to delete all temporary Internet Explorer files?" 
Click on the "Close" button when the temporary Internet files have been deleted
Click OK to close the "Internet Options" window

To clear the cache in Safari on the Macintosh:
Access the "Safari" menu and select "Empty Cache"
Click on "Empty" in the ensuing window

To clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox:
Access the "Tools" menu
Select "Options"
Click on the "Advanced" icon tab
Under the Cache section, click on the "Clear Now" button
Click on OK and exit the "Tools" menu

To clear the cache in Google Chrome:
Pull down the tools icon in the upper right corner
Select Options
Select the "Under the Hood" tab
Click on the clear Browsing Data button
Check only the "Clear Cache" box
Set for the appropriate time period (i.e. last hour, 1 day etc)
Click on "Clear Browsing Data" button
Click on Close

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