One of my Chowhound posts is missing. Where can I find it?

The first place to look is in your profile, in your activity. If the discussion still exists and your post has not been removed, it will appear there.

If your post was recent (among your last 40 posts), it will appear in the 'my posts' section, even if the discussion is closed or was split into a separate discussion. Click through to find your post.

If you still don’t see your post, it's possible your post has been removed. If you're not sure why, check your registered email address (including the spam folder) for an explanation, since we might have already sent one. Also, please check our Posting Guidelines to make sure your post was within bounds.

If you still have a question about whether or why something was removed, or you want a copy of it, contact our moderators by clicking "Submit a Question" to send your inquiry. Please provide details about the post you're concerned about, what discussion it was on, when it was made, etc, to help us find out what happened.

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