Known Issues & Common Problems

I Can't Login

If you are having trouble logging in, below are some helpful suggestions. Remember, you can log in using either your email address and password -OR- your username and password.

1. Retrieve/Reset your password

This link will send you an email with a link to change your password:

If you receive a message indicating your email address cannot be found in our system, please try one of the suggestions below.


2. Clear your Browser Cache


3. Delete your cookies

1. Log out of GameSpot.
2. Delete your cookies.
3. Close your browser.
4. Re-Open your browser.
5. Log back into GameSpot.

4. Check your firewall settings

Make sure you can access (you may be receiving a "removed by HIPS FW" message). For IE7 users, please add the following sites to your list of trusted sites to allow GameSpot to load properly:


       * *
          These are trusted websites that GameSpot uses to host our content (such as images).


5. Using McAfee

Please try removing "" from the blocked cookies list within the McAfee Security center and adding it to the accepted list.

Flash Video Player

I keep getting this error message: "You need to upgrade your Flash Player."

This is a common problem with the IE7 browser and Windows Vista. Here's what you can do:


1. Quit all open programs. This is an important step. If you don't and another program is using the Flash Player, the uninstaller will fail silently.


2. Run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller.


3. Reinstall your Flash player.

Why does the video look choppy or of poor quality?

Make sure you're choosing the correct playback speed for your Internet connection in your Media Settings. If you have a 56k modem, click on the 56k selection. If you are connected to the Internet with a cable modem or DSL line, click on the cable selection. If you are connected to the Internet with a T1 line or higher, click on the T1 selection.

We apologize that our site is not optimized for dial-up connections.

I'm a Total Access subscriber, but I'm not seeing HD.

Not all our videos are in HD. We do have lots of HD videos available that you can find by clicking on videos in the navigation bar and then HD Movies. Remember, video is very high bandwidth and it's impossible to broadcast true HD quality video over the internet.

Reviews and Forums

Why can't I submit a Reader Review?

First off, to submit a text review, you have to have a registered account and be logged in. Paid subscribers to GameSpot Plus and GameSpot Total Access are granted access to the player reviews as soon as their account is activated but Free Registered users must be at level 3 before they can post a player review.


Why am I able to post in GameSpot forums, but not in game boards?

If you are receiving the error that "You do not have access to create topics," this is a crossover moderation that happens if you use our game boards that are mirrored from GameFAQs. If you cannot post in any of the game boards, this could be because you have negative karma or because you are suspended for violating the Terms of Use. 

For further information on how the GameFAQs/GameSpot game boards work, please reference this thread.

Profile Stats Not Increasing

We update levels, minutes online, and numbers of posts read once a day at midnight PST. The only profile stats that should be updating on the fly are your post count, new reader reviews, and new journal entries.

Missing Emblems

If you did not receive an emblem for watching a broadcast, there is most likely a reason for this. This may occur if you did not watch broadcast stream long enough.


If you believe that logging in to watch a broadcast for a few minutes will grant you an emblem, depending on the broadcast this may not be the case. Each broadcast may have different requirements on how long you must watch them (this is kept a secret!) to receive an emblem, and in some circumstances, you may need to be a subscriber to watch an event. Also keep in mind that if you have been disconnected from the stream at any time the timer does restart. If you missed out on a broadcast emblem, there are plenty of other types of emblems you can receive for using the website.


Emblems often disappear and re-appear on your profile from time to time. Some emblems are not <">sticky<"> and will go away if the criteria is not met. For example, the Soapbox emblem will only appear if your article has been chosen for the Soapbox. Further information can be found in the Emblems Union. Also, if you did not receive an emblem for a feature other than a live broadcast or you are missing an emblem for usage of the site, please contact Customer Service.

Are there any other known problems and fixes?

GameSpot Bugs and Glitches

The following forum thread chronicles some quirks with the site. Please read it before you contact us. There are workarounds mentioned where applicable.


Security Level Settings - Internet Explorer

Setting too high of a security level on your browser can block login access to GameSpot. Therefore, we recommend you set your browser's security level to Medium. The Medium setting is the default setting on the most popular Web browsers.

In addition to setting your security level to Medium, we also recommend you turn off JavaScript debugging (doing so is harmless to you). Here's how: In the browser's menu bar, go to Tools, select Internet Options, and then click on Advanced. In the Advanced pane, check "Disable script debugging." Hit the Apply button, then OK.

Cypher Strength - Internet Explorer

GameSpot requires 128-bit encryption to access its secure pages. We use this high encryption level for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to protect the integrity of each user's personal information. If your browser's cipher strength is not 128-bit, you will probably not be able to log in to GameSpot, nor will you be able to access secure GameSpot pages. To determine your browser's encryption level, open your IE browser, go to Help, and then select About Internet Explorer. In the About Internet Explorer pane, you'll find the cipher strength rating of the browser (it's on the second line, just below the version number), If your browser is not using 128-bit encryption, we recommend you get the appropriate upgrade, available from

If you continue to have login problems, please Contact Us.

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