Is there an easy way to clear my cache and cookies?

Yes. The following shortcut to clear your cache data and cookies should work for all major browsers installed on Windows or Mac-based machines (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome).

In any of the three main browsers simultaneously hold down the "Ctrl" (control) key, the "Shift" key and the "Delete" key, then release. A new pop-up window will appear if done correctly. Next, depending on which browser you are using, follow these once your pop-up box displays:

Google Chrome
Set the drop-down option, "Obliterate the following items from" to "the beginning of time", and have only the "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site plug-in data" boxes checked, then click the "Clear browser data" button. Close and restart the browser.

Click "Time range to clear", and from the drop-down menu, choose "Everything". Ensure that only the "Cookies and Cache" boxes are checked, then click the "Clear Now" button. Next, close and restart the browser.

Safari (for Mac users):
With Safari open, click "Safari" from the top menu and then click "Reset Safari". From the following menu have the user check only the "Empty the cache" and "Remove all cookies" boxes and click the "Reset" button. Then close and restart the browser.

Internet Explorer:
Check only the "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Cookies and website data" boxes, then click "Delete". Next, close and restart the browser.