I'm having trouble watching video on TV Guide. Can you help?

If you are having trouble watching a video on TV Guide, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. It's possible the video opened in a new browser window. Check your browser windows to see if the video started playing in a new window.
  2. If the video is not playing directly on tvguide.com, but you don't see a new browser window open, check to see that you have pop-up blockers disabled in your browser. This will allow the new window to open, and start playing the video.
  3. If the video requires a subscription, fee, or payment, check that you completed the steps to access the video from the video's source. Examples: Signing in to Netflix, purchasing and downloading a video from iTunes, signing in and purchasing a video from Amazon Instant Video, etc.
  4. If you see the video playing on tvguide.com, but you don't hear audio, first check that your volume settings are turned on. If you still don't hear audio, please use the "Submit a Question" link above to let us know. Please provide your Device type, OS, Browser and Browser version.

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