I can't access a Live Event

If you are having difficulty accessing one of the PGA TOUR Radio broadcasts, please review the most common issues (below) that may affect your ability to access content, prior to contacting us further. You may find a quick solution by checking the following:  

  • What are the minimum System Requirements for the PGA TOUR Audio player? For more information, click here .
  • What version of the Adobe Flash player do I need installed to access PGA TOUR Audio content? For more information, click here .
  • I know I need to enable cookies for the PGA TOUR Audio player to function properly. How do I enable cookies in my browser? For more information, click here .
  • What is the recommended version of Java that should be installed on my computer? For more information, click here .  
  • What should my Pop-up Blocker settings be? For more information, click here .
  • How do I find out how much available bandwidth I have with my current internet connection? For more information, click here .

If you've reviewed and applied the suggested resolutions described in the articles above, and are still having difficulty accessing your audio broadcast, please call 1 (800) 211-4760. We look forward to further assisting you.

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