How do I use the "Listings" feature on TV Guide to show programs in my area?

Log in to your TV Guide account, then follow these steps to set local listings:

  • Click the "Listings" menu from the top right menu panel on any page, or just visit
  • Locate the "Customize listings" link. To do this, scroll down on the Listings page until the link displays in the top right corner of your screen, then click it. The link looks like this:
User-added image
  • Once you click the link, the "Set Your Provider" pop-up box displays with options. 
  • Enter your zip code, then set your time zone, then click "GO".  The "Select a Provider" section now displays in the box.
  • Choose either Cable, Satellite or Antenna.
  • Click the link that matches your provider name. The grid will now reload with your local channel lineup.
You've now set local listings!

Tip: Make sure you've registered on and that you're signed in when you set local listings, so that your settings are saved whenever you visit the site.

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