How do I start or stop getting Chowhound email notifications about my posts?

You can change your email notification settings in your profile. View your profile then choose Settings and then Chowhound.

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When you access the program schedule for either the SHOWTIME East or SHOWTIME West feeds of SHOWTIME, program start times will be shown adjusted for your device’s time zone. For example, if you are watching SHOWTIME East from a device that is configured for the Central time zone, you’ll see all program start times for SHOWTIME East displayed in Central time.
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Subscribe through iTunes: On Apple TV®, first find SHOWTIME on the main menu. If it does not appear, you may need to update your Apple TV®. On your iPad touch®, iPhone® or iPod touch®, start by downloading the SHOWTIME app from the iTunes App store. Next, launch SHOWTIME and follow the on-screen instructions to start a 30-day free trial and create your SHOWTIME account. Once you have created your SHOWTIME account credentials you can use them to sign in and watch at or via the SHOWTIME app on any other supported device.
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