How do I sign up for CBS All Access Commercial Free on my Apple TV?

If you're a new subscriber to CBS All Access, it's quick and easy to sign up for our Commercial Free plan on your Apple TV! 

Apple TV 4th generation & 4K: 
1. Launch the CBS All Access app. 
2. Select "Commercial Free/Get Started" from the Welcome screen.
3. Fill in personal information to create a account.
4. Agree to Terms of Service and confirm your purchase to start watching CBS All Access. 

Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier:
1. Follow the instructions above, then...
2. You will see a message on your Apple TV screen with an activation code. Visit on your computer or mobile device, and enter the code.
3. Create or sign in to a account.
4. You will see a confirmation screen on your computer, your Apple TV screen will refresh, and you can start watching CBS All Access.

If you already have a CBS All Access subscription and would like to upgrade to the Commercial Free plan, please click here.

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