How do I set or save my favorite channels on TV Guide?

You can set or save your favorite channels with these steps:

Set your favorite channels
  • Scroll down to display the "Customize listings" link in the top right corner of the page
  • Click this icon User-added image to display the dropdown menu. Next, click the "All Channels" tab, as shown below:
User-added image
  • Scroll down on the Listings page. In the left column where the channels are listed, click the "heart" icon next to each channel you want to set as a favorite.
User-added image
  • To see your list of favorite channels, scroll up to the page header, then click the "Favorites" tab above the listings grid.
User-added image

Save your favorite channels
There are two ways to ensure your favorite channels are saved, so they're stored whenever you visit TV Guide:

  1. Registered users: Make sure you are signed in to your TV Guide account while setting your favorite channels 
  2. Non-registered users: Ensure you have cookies enabled in your browser (and check this before setting favorite channels). Note: If you're running any kind of privacy software on your computer, this may cause your browser cookies to be cleared, which means your favorite channels may not get saved.


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