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How do I cancel my registered member account?

We are sorry to hear you have decided to discontinue your free membership with our site. To request deactivation of your free membership account, please contact Customer Support via the "Submit a Question" link above. Please provide feedback as to the reason for your request so we can properly notate the reason for action. Please also provide your registered email address, first/last names, user name, and confirm whether you are receiving email newsletters so we can ensure these are unsubscribed as well, if applicable.


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On the web: 1. Go to my.roku.com/account and click on 'Manage Your Subscriptions. 2. Find your Showtime subscription and click on 'Cancel' On your Roku: 1. From your home screen, find the Showtime channel and press '*' on your remote. 2. Select 'Cancel Subscription' from the list of available options. Note that if you cancel while still in your 30-day free trial period or before your expiration date, you will continue to have access to the service until the trial or subscription period ends.