How do I add a co-manager to teams in my Football Commissioner League?

To add team managers, replace managers or add/remove existing teams in your Commissioner league, click on the C/gear wheel icon located in the upper-right side of the page ? next to the icons for League Chat, League Notifications and the Help Center.

 Once routed to the Commissioner Tools page, find Manage Teams in the League column. The Manage Teams page is divided into two portions the upper portion (Invite Teams) is dedicated to tracking invitations sent through the system and the lower portion (Joined Teams) will identify the teams currently in the league (with an option to Add Team at the bottom of the page).

Listed in a column to the right of all listed teams will be an icon resembling a Pad and Pencil. Click the Pad/Pencil icon to adjust the team manager (s) from a list of the following options: Add Manager, Edit Team, Replace Manager, Add Co-Manager and Delete Team. Click on the Pad/Pencil icon next to the primary manager of the desired team, as all additional managers on the same team will only have the option to Remove Manager.

For the primary manager, select the option to Add Co-Manager. When selecting Add Co-Manager (on a previously existing team), a block expands beneath the row for the specific team with fields available to enter the recipient?s email address and a pre-populated invitation message that can be customized. Click Send Invite once the fields have been filled out correctly.

A maximum of four co-managers is permitted for any and all teams. You may repeat the process as needed without exceeding the system limits. Please be advised that once a player has accepted an invitation, personal account information ? such as updating email addresses ? can only be updated by the account holder. DO NOT delete users to have email addresses changed. If the team manager needs assistance in updating his account information, please have him contact us directly.


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