How can I sign in to my CBS All Access account on Apple TV using my mobile device (Bonjour sign in)?

You can now sign in to your CBS All Access account on your
Apple TV using your iPhone or iPad device via Bonjour.

What is Bonjour? 
  • Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers,
mobile devices, and the services that those devices offer on a local network. 
  • The software comes built-in with Apple's mac OS and iOS operating
  • If you have iTunes, Safari or other Apple-related programs on your 

on your computer, Bonjour is already installed.

  • Bonjour constantly scans the network for printers and similar devices.
  • Bonjour is enabled in the CBS app.   

Why should I use it?
While it’s easy to sign in on an Apple TV, Bonjour makes it even easier -
especially since you may already be signed in to the CBS app on your
iPhone or iPad. Once you open the CBS app on your Apple TV, a push
notification is sent to the your iOS device, allowing you to sign in with
just two taps.


You must have your iPhone available.

Step 1

Open the CBS app on your Apple TV and navigate to the sign in page.
Select your sign in method: CBS app.

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Next, you will see an instruction screen. Simply follow these instructions,
or continue reading below for further explanation of how Bonjour works.

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Step 2

The CBS app checks to see if there is an iOS CBS app open and
authenticated in the immediate vicinity. If so, it sends a prompt within
that iOS app asking if you’d like to sign in to your Apple TV.

Select Yes.

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Step 2a
If there are no CBS apps open, it sends a push
notification to your iOS device that is already signed into
the same iCloud account and WiFi network as your
Apple TV.

Select Sign In, or firm press the notification to sign in
straight from the lock screen.

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You’ll now be directed to the CBS app where you can sign in with
the email address and password you used to subscribe to
CBS All Access.

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That’s it! You can now start streaming your CBS shows
on your Apple TV.



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