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CNET has a number of different resources available to provide you with free information, tools, and advice so you can decide on what to buy and how to find advanced technical help. Below is a list of our most popular free services where all CNET users get help. As a reminder, CNET does not create, manufacture, or sell software or consumer electronics. Instead we provide credible information about new software and consumer electronic updates as they become available; and an online library where people can go to discover legal safe downloads.
For free online tech help, buying advice, and recommendations, submit your questions to our experts in the CNET Forums. Our vibrant community provides a place where all members can discuss and ask for help on a wide variety of technical topics, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
Need help with your home theater? Looking for a tip to make your daily grind a little easier? Then check out CNET How To which is filled with technological know-how from both the CNET Editors and our tech community of experts. Simply type in keywords related to your product such as a product name, company, or the type of tip you need, and then click the Search button.

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