How can I plan a meal with other Chowhounds?

In many cities Chowhounds organize group meals, either regularly or from time to time. Check the announcements on your local tag page to see if there's anything coming up for your area. Many areas also have special mailing lists for those interested in Chowhound meals. You can find a list of these here.

We have a couple of guidelines we ask organizers to keep in mind in order to keep the focus of Chowhound on food:

  • If you’re organizing a meal, please post invitations and information about the meal on the site, but we suggest that you coordinate RSVPs, sharing of contact information, car pools, etc, via email. You can set up a temporary email address to gather people’s contact info if you don’t want to risk getting spam to your main account.
  • Please don’t try to use Chowhound to get special treatment at a restaurant.
  • After your meal, report back on what you ate, and encourage fellow diners to do the same.
  • Keep in mind that these events are all unofficial and totally driven by members. Chowhound isn't a sponsor or an organizer, and we can't offer any support or accept any responsibility for any problems that might arise.

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