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Service Update - As of May 31, 2013, the TechTracker service has ended. CNET and would like to thank you for using the service over the years. We hope that you have found it useful, and will continue to work to provide valuable products and services to you.
Try the new Download App! The Download App is a standalone application that includes the same key functionality that TechTracker provided, but is also a more integral part of In the coming months, we will be adding features and functionality to the Download App to bring even more of directly to your computer.
You can try out the new Download App for Windows by downloading it here:
For several years, the predominant trend for Apple developers has been to distribute their software through the Mac App Store. At the same time, Apple's Mac App Store policies prohibit from offering our software through the store. As a result, we have seen our Mac users slowly but steadily decline as they begin to use the Apple ecosystem exclusively for their software needs. When the question came up about continuing to develop software for the Mac, we had to make a tough decision based on where we saw opportunity for our services in the future.

Although we will no longer provide a software update management application for Mac, we appreciate and strongly value the Mac user audience, and will continue to serve them through the site as we have for over 15 years.

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