Benefits of CNET Membership


When you join CNET, you’re part of the world’s most empowered community of technology users. Our members connect with each other every day to learn and share what they know. As a CNET member, you can:
  • * Receive exclusive deals, offers, and giveaways.
  • * Share your opinions and connect with others.
  • * Participate in forums and discussions.
  • * Sign up today!  


CNET membership is absolutely free.


As a CNET member, you can get personalized recommendations from our community experts free of charge. Simply post your question to the CNET Forums, and get the advice you need to make informed shopping decisions -- 24 hours a day/365 days a year.


CNET gives you two ways to keep track of products and software updates:
  • * The CNET Download Watch List notifies you if product updates are available for the products you are watching. Each time you download a product from CNET, that product is added to your Watch List. You can modify your Watch List by editing your CNET profile.
  • * CNET My Lists lets you organize products you are watching into lists you create.  You can add notes, remove and compare items, and share lists with your friends by clicking here.


We depend on you, our CNET Members, to identify the best products on our site through our User Opinions and User Ratings features. Membership allows you to submit your own user reviews and share your voice with other CNET users. If you feel strongly about a particular product, we recommend that you submit a user opinion by clicking on the "Write your own review" button on the page for that product.


If you want to stay on top of the latest tech news, gadget reviews, hot deals, and downloads, CNET has a wide array of newsletters to keep you in the loop.


If you would like us to cancel your free CNET membership, we will be happy to do so for you via the "Submit a Question" link above. Please include your email address, CNET username, and a brief reason for the cancellation. If you are having a billing issue with a product or a paid service, we recommend reading our billing questions and help page which explains how to request assistance in contacting vendors in the event you are seeing unauthorized charges on your credit card from a 3rd party.

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