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How do I Start Waivers for my Baseball league?

To start the waiver process, the system must recognize a completed draft.
Leagues using the software to load rosters by live draft or offline draft tool will be able to set a Start Waivers date. However, Dynasty leagues that do not conduct annual drafts will have to select “My League will not use any of these options (complete draft process for this season)” as an option through the Set Draft Type link under the Rosters column.
At the conclusion of an online auction, standard or extended drafts, the system will permit commissioners to access the Start Waivers link available in two areas on the site – 1) the transaction details bar, located at the bottom of the Players page, will have a link to route the user to the Start Waivers page and 2) direct access to Start Waivers will be available on the Commissioner Tools page under the Roster column (accessible through the C/gear wheel icon located at the upper-right corner of every league page).
On the Start Waivers page, a calendar will be available on the left-side of the page. With the arrow keys to the left and right of the current month, the commissioner may toggle to select available dates at any month during the Fantasy Baseball season. Only the days in blue text will be available for selection. The date in black text with the light blue background will be the currently selected date for the first waiver run of the season.
Once the preferred date has been chosen, click Confirm and the system will post a message to the league feed, announcing the date. Team owners who have enabled notifications will receive an email as well.
Please be advised that the initial waiver run will occur approximately at 2am ET of the date selected. This is works differently from the selection of deadline days for Waiver Run on the Set Transaction Policies page – where a check for Wednesday would result in an early morning waiver run on Thursday. If the date of the first waiver run is set for March 21st, then the waivers will run early morning on March 21st.

For a video tutorial on how to start waivers for your Baseball Commissioner league, please click here.

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