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How do I set a Keepers policy for my Football Commissioner league?

Go to the Commish Tools icon (the “C” with a gear-wheel) – located in the top right-hand corner of any page in your league – and find "Set Keeper Policies" among the listed options under the Rosters column. You will be routed to the "Set Keeper Policies“ page. Under "Keeper Policies," select "My League will use Keepers." Once selected, you will be able to key in the amount of keepers in a box next to "Max Keepers per Team." This amount will automatically default to 4 if this is a new league.

Underneath, "Keeper Selection" you will have the option to allow team owners to select keepers or making the commissioner responsible for making keeper choices. Team owner selected keepers will need to have a processing deadline. Commissioner selected keepers will not need to select a date. Click "save changes" to set the keeper policy.

All you and your owners need to do is choose your keeper player(s) per team by checking off the box near the player name on the My Team/Rosters page. They will need to click set lineup" to lock in the keeper selection. Do not make add/drops to remove the remaining roster players back into the pool. This defeats the purpose of using the Keeper process and policy.

For keepers chosen by the commissioner, the remaining portion of the page will display all of the teams in your league.

Each team will be represented by their individual logos as clickable options. Once selected, all of the players on the team’s roster will be displayed with check boxes. Tag the check box for the appropriate player and “Save Changes” after each team. When selections are made for all teams, click to Reset Keepers and then click Process Keepers. Be sure to click on “Save Changes” when you have completed the process.

For keepers chosen by individual team owners, they must check off the appropriate boxes and click set lineup in the top right-hand corner of their roster page in order to lock in the keeper selections. The system will automatically process keepers after midnight on the date you have entered. All players not secured by the process described above will be returned to the player pool.

All keeper selections must be processed at least within 15 minutes of the start of your draft.


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