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As a team owner, how do I set keepers for my Football Commissioner League?

The Keeper Policies can be set by the Commissioner for one of two formatsĀ  -- individual team owner selections or manual processing by the Commissioner.

If the league Commissioner has set the Keeper policy for individual team owner selections, each owner must go to the My Team/Roster page and select the appropriate players by using a column of checkboxes next to each corresponding roster player. After making the selections, click Set Lineup in order to have the system recognize the selections you have made.

The amount of keeper selections will be limited to the Commissioner's preference. If you have selected more than the amount permitted, you will receive an error message in the read alert box at the top of the Roster page. Be sure to make the necessary corrections to comply with the rules and click Set Lineup again.

You may change your keeper selections at any time prior to the deadline set by the League Commissioner. Keep in mind that the deadline date for keeper selections will update changes to selections until 11:59pm ET. The system will process keepers anytime after midnight.

If the Commissioner has selected to manually process the keepers, please contact your Commissioner through any of the means provided within the league (chat, message board) or without to communicate your preferences. The Commissioner will be able to process the keepers at his leisure.

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